Here is a list of all the books read from the 18th Ave. Book Group’s inception in 1990:

1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb     1990  
Date Host Leader Title Author
5/?/90 Judy Liz P. Temple of My Familiar A. Walker
6/26/1990 Kathi Judy Life and Death in Shanghai N. Cheng
7/24/1990 Dinner @ Terri’s Theatre Into the Whirlwind  
8/28/1990 Betsy @ Evelyn’s Terri Bonfire of the Vanities Tom Wolf
9/25/1990 Liz B. Kathi Joy Luck Club Amy Tan
11/5/1990 Mary Betsy From Beirut to Jerusalem part 1 T. Friedman
Dec-90 DeAnnea Betsy From Beirut to Jerusalem part 2 T. Friedman
 1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb     1991  
Jan-91 Evelyn Liz But. To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee
2/13/1991 Pam DeAnnee Among School Children T. Kidder
3/5/1991 Liz P. @ Evelyn’s Mary Dubliners James Joyce
4/17/1991 Terri Evelyn The Ginger Tree O. Wynd
5/7/1991 Judy Pam Breathing Lessons Annee Tyler
6/4/1991 Kathi Liz P. Sweet Whispers Brother Rush V. Hamilton
7/2/1991 Mary Judy Busman’s Honeymoon D. Sayers
August     Summer Vacation  
9/15/1991 Betsy Terri Yellow Raft in Blue Water M. Dorris
10/28/1991 Liz But. Kathi Road from Coorain J. Kerr-Conway
12/2/1991 DeAnnea Liz. But. Education of Little Tree F. Carter
 1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb     1992  
1/6/1992 Standard Books   Reveiw and Sale  
2/3/1992 Evelyn DeAnnea Then She Found Me E. Lipman
3/2/1992 Pam Evelyn Crossing to Safety W. Stegner
4/13/1992 Liz Bottman Pam You Don’t Understand Me TAnneer
5/4/1992 Terri Mary The Remains of the Day K. Ishiguro
6/1/1992 Judy Liz P. The Story Teller M. Varga Llosa
7/13/1992 Mary All Share Books We’ve Read  
8/3/1992 Liz P. Judy Plain and Simple S. Bender
9/14/1992 Kathi Liz Bottman Howard’s End E.M. Forester
10/5/1992 DeAnnea Betsy Saint Maybe Anne Tyler
11/2/1992 Evelyn Terri 1000 Acres Jane Smiley
12/7/1992 Liz Bottman Kathi Animal Dreams B. Kingsolver
 1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb     1993  
1/5/1993 Terri Pam European Ed. System Pam
2/18/1993 Taproot Theater Evelyn Talley’s Folly  
3/2/1993 Caren DeAnnea Written by Herself Jill Kerr- Conway
4/6/1993 SKIP      
5/4/1993 Liz P. Caren Sex, Art and American Culture Camille Paglia
6/8/1993 Mary Liz P. Baron in the Trees I. Calvino
7/6/1993 Kathi Mary Dreaming in Cuban Christina Garcia
10/5/1993 Evelyn Liz But. This Boy’s Life Tobias Wolf
11/2/1993 Liz. But. Terri The Good Mother Sue Miller
12/7/1993 Judy Kathi Beloved Toni Morrison
 1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb     1994  
2/1/1994 DeAnnea Evelyn Homeplace A. Rivers Siddons
3/1/1994 Caren Julie Prince of Tides Pat Conroy
5/3/1994 Julie Christine Little Women Lousia May Alcott
6/7/1994 Liz P Judy not sure  
8/30/1994 Julie All Choose books for ’94/95  
10/4/1998 Kathi DeAnnea Briar Rose  
11/1/1994 Christine Mary Roman Fever and Other Stories Edith Wharton
12/6/1994 Mary Pam Rumors of Peace Ella Lefland
1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb      1995  
1/10/1995 Terri   Dinner at Terri’s and Theater  
2/7/1995 Evelyn Liz Fountain of Age Betty Friedan
2/11/1995 Bush House   Bush House  
3/7/1995 Judy Julie A Southern Bell Primer  
4/4/1995 Caren Evelyn Shipping News  
5/2/1995 DeAnnea Kathi Taling to High Monks..Snow L. Minatoya
6/6/1995 Beverly Chistine My Antonia Willa Cather
8/?/1995 Julie   Book Sharing  
10/4/1995 Terri no leader Set Schedule for 95/96 season  
11/7/1995 Christine Mary The Soloist Mark Salzman
12/5/1995 Liz P. Terri Snow Falling on Cedar D. Guterson
 1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb     1996  
1/9/1996 DeAnnea Judy don’t know  
2/6/1996 Judy Beverly don’t know  
3/5/1996 Mary Christine The Stone Diaries C. Shields
4/2/1996 Evelyn DeAnnea Beyond Deserving S. Scofield
5/7/1996 Karen Liz Antigone Sophocles
6/4/1996 Beverly Evelyn All the Pretty Horses C. McCarty
7/2/1996 Julie Grace The Wedding E. Welty
August     Summer Vacation  
9/3/1996 Terri None Reading Pam and Mark
10/2/1996 Grace Terri A Passage to India E.M. Forster
11/6/1996 Mary Christine Ladder of Years A. Tyler
12/3/1996 Liz Caren Love in the Time of Cholera Marquez
 1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb     1997  
1/7/1997 DeAnnea Kathi Promise of Rest R. Price
2/9/1997     Trip to Semiahmoo  
3/4/1997 Christine Beverly The Liar’s Club M. Carr
4/1/1997 Evelyn Mary An Unquiet Mind Jamison
5/6/1997 Caren Liz Hunger of Memory Rodriguez
6/3/1997 Pam Evelyn Haroun S. Rushdie
7/1/1997 Kathi Judy Sleeping at the Strarlight Motel B. White
August     Summer Vacation  
9/2/1997 Judy Pam The Sixteen Pleasures R. Hellenga
10/7/1997 Terri Terri The Catcher in the Rye J.D. Salinger
11/4/1997 Kathi DeAnnea Mutant Message Down Under M. Morgan
 1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb     1998  
1/6/1998 Mary Maureen Civil Action J. Harr
2/3/1998 Cheri Christine The Color of Water McBride
3/4/1998 Jan Cheri Thinking in Pictures Grandin
4/7/1998 Christine Kathi Regeneration P. Barker
5/5/1998 Liz Mary Mrs. Dalloway V. Wolf
6/2/1998 Evelyn Jan Into Thin Air Krakauer
7/7/1998 DeAnnea Evelyn The Heart of a Woman M. Angelou
August     Summer Vacation  
9/1/1998 Judy Judy At Home in Mitford Karon
10/6/1998 Terri Liz God of Samll Things A. Roy
11/3/1998 Kathi Terri The Sparrow M. Russell
12/1/1998 Mary DeAnnea The Book Shop P. Fitzgerald
 1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb     1999  
1/5/1999 Cheri Christine Hotel Du Lac A. Brookner
2/2/1999 Pam Kathi The Reader B. Schlink
3/2/1999 Christine Pam Memoir of a Geisha A. Golden
4/6/1999 Liz Cheri What Will Become of Us (Y2K) J. Gregoir
5/4/1999 DeAnnea Mary YaYa Sistserhood R. Wells
6/8/1999 Kathi Jan Tuesday’s with Morrie M. Albon
7/6/1999 Jan Judy The Weight of Water Shreve
August     Summer Vacation  
9/7/1999 Judy Evelyn A Walk in the Woods Bryson
10/5/1999 Pam Terri Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad
11/2/1999 Terri Liz The Undiscovered Country S. Gillison
12/7/1999     Dinner at Beppos – no book  
 1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb     2000  
1/4/2000 Cheri DeAnnea Lost in Translation Moines
2/1/2000 Evelyn Christine Charming Billy A. McDermot
3/7/2000 Mary Kathi A Lesson Before Dying Gaines
4/4/2000 Liz Cheri Polar Dreams H. Thayer
5/2/2000 Sara Mary The Spirit Catches You & You fall down A. Fadiman
6/6/2000 Christine Jan Lost in Translation E. Hoffman
July     Vacation  
AUG     Potluck @ Cheri’s with spouses  
9/5/2000 DeAnnea Judy Honk and Holler Opening Soon B. Letts
10/3/2000 Terri Evelyn Poisonwood Bible – Dinner at Terri’s B. Kingsolver
11/7/2000 Jan Terri The Chosen Chaim Potok
12/5/2000     Dinner at Bella Rosa 7:00 Arr by Evelyn
1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb     2001  
1/2/2001 Judy DeAnnea A Woman of Independent Means Eliz. F. Hailey
2/6/2001 Kathi Liz A Border Passage Ahmed
3/6/2001 Mary Christine Falling Leaves Adeline Yen Mah
4/3/2001 Evelyn Cheri These is My Words Nancy Turner
5/1/2001 Mary Kathi The Children David Halberstam
5/19/2001     Kahler Glen (Killian’s house)  
6/5/2001 Liz Jan Diary* Gr Gr Gr Grandma
July/Aug     Vacation  
9/4/2001 Jean Mary Lessons from the Dying Rodney Smith
10/2/2001 Christine Judy Corelli’s Mandolin de Berniere
11/6/2001 DeAnnea Jean My Family and Other Animals Gerald Durrell
12/4/2001 Terri Evelyn Dinner at Terri’s  
 1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb     2002  
1/1/2002     Break  
2/5/2002 Jan Evelyn The Red Tent Anita Diamante
3/5/2002 Judy Terri The Bridge of San Luis Rey T. Wilder
4/2/2002 Kathi DeAnnea Nine Parts of Desire Geraldine Brooks
5/7/2002 Mary Christine Pearl Earring T. Chevalier
6/4/2002 Evelyn Cheri Fast Food Nation  
7/2/2002     Off  
8/6/2002     Off  
9/3/2002 Jean Kathi My Name is Asher Lev Chaim Potok
10/1/2002 Cheri Lou Mary Brunelleschi’s Dome Ross King
11/5/2002 Liz Jan Year of Wonders Geraldine Brooks
12/3/2002 Terri Judy White Teeth Zadie Smith
 1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb     2003  
1/7/2003 DeAnnea Jean Bel Canto Anne Patchett
2/4/2003 Christine Liz Things Fall Apart Achebe
3/4/2003 Jan Evelyn The Funeral Party  
4/1/2003 Judy Terri Losing the Race McWhorter
5/6/2003 Kathi DeAnnea The Hours Cunningham
6/3/2003 Mary Christine Cherry M. Karr
July and Aug Off Off Off  
9/2/2003 Kathi Cheri Brothel Albert
10/7/2003 Pattie Kathi Unless Sheilds
11/4/2003 Jean Pattie Three short stories Pam McGaffin
12/2/2003 Terri no book Dinner at Terri’s  
 1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb     2004  
1/6/2004 Liz Mary The Orchid Thief Orlean
2/3/2004 Kim Kim Secret Life of Bees  
3/3/2004 Christine Jan The Lovely Bones Sebold
4/6/2004 Cheri Lou Judy Ladies Detective Agency McCall Smith
5/4/2004 DeAnnea Jean When We Were Orphans K. Ishiguro
6/1/2004 Judy Liz Ten Little Indians S. Alexie
9/7/2004 Evelyn Terri The Wayward Bus Steinbeck
10/5/2004 Jan Evelyn The Piano Tuner D. Mason
11/2/2004 Mary Liz Crash Spinelli
12/7/2004 no host no book Dinner at the Crepe Place Book Exchange
 1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb     2005  
1/4/2005 Terri Christine Devil in the White City E. Larson
2/1/2005 Liz DeAnnea Poems of Choice  
3/1/2005 Jean Cheri Running With Scissors A. Burroughs
4/5/2005 Sandy Pattie Cane River Tadamy
5/3/2005 Kim Kathi When The Emperor Was Divine J. Otsuka
6/7/2005 Christine Mary Tender at the Bone R. Reichl
July and Aug Off   Summer Vacation  
9/6/2005 Pattie Kim Fluke C. Moore
10/4/2005 DeAnnea Jan The Swallows of Kabul Y. Khadra
11/1/2005 Terri Evelyn The Madman and the Professor S. Winchester
12/6/2005 no host no book Potluck Dinner at DeAnneas and book exchange
 1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb     2006  
1/3/2006 Jan Jean Shopgirl S. Martin
2/7/2006 Mary Kathi Becoming Citizens..Family Life and the Politics of Disability S. Schwartzenberg
3/7/2006 Kathi Terri A Year of Magical Thinking J. Didion
4/4/2006 Liz Christine The Opposite of Fate Amy Tan
5/2/2006 Jean Liz The Crisis of Islam B. Lewis
6/6/2006 Kim DeAnnea The Power of One Courtenay
July and Aug Off Off Summer Vacation  
9/5/2006 Evelyn   No book group  
10/3/2006 Christine Mary Educating Alice Alice Steinbach
11/7/2006 DeAnnea Kim Mountains Beyond Mountains Tracy Kidder
12/5/2006 no host no book    
 1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb     2007  
1/9/2007 Paula Jan The Worst Hard Time Tim Eagen
2/6/2007 Jan Evelyn The Painted Veil S. Maugham
3/6/2007 Terri Paula Gilead M. Robinson
4/3/2007 Evelyn Jean Asleep B. Yoshimoto
5/1/2007 Liz Kathi March G. Brooks
6/5/2007 Kathi Christine Snow Flower and the Secret Fan L. See
July and Aug Off Off    
9/4/2007 Kim Terri The Sun Also Rises Hemingway
10/2/2007 Jean Liz Flight S. Alexie
11/6/2007 Christine Kim Field Notes From a Catastrophy E. Kolbert
December no host no book    
 1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb     2008  
1/8/2008 Jan Evelyn The Madonnas of Leningrad Dean
2/5/2008 3rd Place Pub Terri Saturday McEwen
3/4/2008 Evelyn Jan Three Cups of Tea Greg Mortenson
4/1/2008 Liz Jean Jennifer Government Max Berry
5/6/2008 Kim Christine Wicked Greg Maguire
6/3/2008 Kathi Kathi The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears Dinaw Mengestu
July and Aug Off Off    
9/2/2008 Jean Terri Under the Banner of Heaven J. Krakauer
10/7/2008 Christine Liz Andy Cattlett’s Early Travels W. Berry
11/4/2008 Jan Kim    
December no host no book    
1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb      2009  
1/6/2009 Evelyn Evelyn Poet of Tolstoy Park Brewer
2/3/2009 Terri Jan Suite Francaise Nemirovsky and Smith
3/3/2009 Liz Christine Ladies Lending Library Keefer
4/7/2009 Kim Jean Founding Mothers K. Roberts
5/5/2009 Kathi Kathi Nine Toobin
6/2/2009 Jean Terri My Jim Rawles
JUL and AUG Off      
9/1/2009 Jean Kim People of the Book G. Brooks
10/6/2009 Evelyn Anne Life of Pi Y. Martel
11/3/2009 Terri Liz The Good Thief H. Tinti
12/1/2009 No Host   Dinner and book exchange: Bai Pai Kim is organizing
 1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb HOST LEADER 2010  
1/5/2010 Liz Jan The Geography of Bliss E. Weiner
2/2/2010 Kim Evelyn A Thousand Splendid Suns K. Hosseini
3/2/2010 Anne Jean Olive Kitteridge E. Strout
4/13/2010 Jean Kathi Post American World Zakaria Fareed
5/4/2010 Kathi Terri The Elephanta Suite P. Theroux
6/1/2010 Jan Christine New Yorker Article  
JUL and AUG OFF      
9/7/2010 Evelyn Anne Longitude David Sobel
10/5/2010 Terri Evelyn The Secret Son LaLami
11/2/2010 Kathi Liz WhyEvolution is True Coyne
12/7/2010     Dinner out and book exchange  
 1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb     2011  
1/4/2011 Christine Jan Let the Great World Spin McCAnne
2/5/2011 Jan Jean Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet – overnight at Jan’s on Whidbey Island J. Ford
3/1/2011 Jean Kim The Gernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Shaffer
4/5/2011 Liz Kathi The Girl Who Fell From the Sky H. Durrow
5/3/2011 Kim Christine Too Loud a Solitude B. Hrabel
6/7/2011 Anne Terri True History of the Kelly Gang Peter Carey
JUL and AUG OFF      
9/6/2011 Kathi Anne Cutting for Stone A. Verghese
10/4/2011 Jan Evelyn My Own Country A. Verghese
11/1/2011 Evelyn Liz Their Eyes Were Watching God Zora Neil Hurston
12/6/2011 Terri Jan The Help (dinner at Terri’s) Stockett
 1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb     2012  
1/3/2012 Christine Kim Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter T. Franklin
2/7/2012 Liz Jean The Marriage Plot J. Eugenides
3/6/2012 Jean Kathi Gardens of Water A. Drew
4/3/2012 Kathi Christine Madam Bovary Gustave Flaubert
5/1/2012 Anne Terri The Englishman’s Boy Guy Vanderhaeghe
6/5/2012 Terri Anne Doc M. Russell
JUL and AUG OFF      
9/11/2012 Liz Jan The Paris Wife P. McLain
10/9/2012 Jan Liz What are People For? (2010 edition) Wendell Berry
11/6/2012 Evelyn Jean State of Wonder Ann Patchett
12/4/2012 No Host   Dinner and book exchange: Royal Palm Kathi is organizing
 1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb     2013  
1/8/2013 Christine Evelyn Still Alice Lisa Genova
2/12/2013 Jean Kathi A Short History of Myth Karen Armstrong
3/12/2013 Kathi Christine The Sense of an Ending Julian Barnes
4/2/2013 Anne Terri The Love of a Good Woman Alice Munro
5/7/2013 Terri Anne The Art of Choosing Iyengar
6/4/2013 Liz Jan The Language of Flowers Vanessa Diffenbaugh
JUL and AUG OFF      
9/3/2013 Jan Liz Hallucinations Oliver Sacks
10/8/2013 Kathi Terri Boys in the Boat Daniel James Brown
11/12/2013 Christine Kathi Little Red: 3 Passionate Lives through the 60’s and Beyond Dina Hampton
12/3/2013 No Host   Dinner and book exchange  
 1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb     2014  
1/7/2014 Jan Evelyn Hologram for a King Dave Eggers
2/4/2014 Evelyn Christine The House Girl Tara Conklin
3/4/2014 Terri Nita The Moth NPR stories
4/1/2014 Liz Jan Five Quarters of the Orange Joanne Harris
5/6/2014 Anne Liz The First Muslim Lesley Hazleton
6/3/2014 Nita at Kathi’s Anne West with the Night Beryl Markham
JUL and AUG OFF      
9/2/2014 Gail Nita The Space Between Us Thrity Umrigar
10/7/2014 Christine ? Discuss summer readings  
11/4/2014 Mary Jeanne Kathi For All of Us, One Today Richard Blanco
12/9/2014     Potluck Dinner and book exchange  
 1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb Host Leader 2015  
1/6/2015 Jan Evelyn Wonder R J Palacio
2/3/2015 Liz Gail Samurai’s Garden Gail Tsukiyama
3/3/2015 Anne Mary Jeanne All the Birds Singing Evie Wyld
4/7/2015 Evelyn Christine My Beloved World Sonia Solamayor
5/5/2015 Nita Jan Being Mortal Atul Gawande
6/2/2015 Mary Jeanne Liz Elephant Company Vicki Croke
JUL and AUG OFF      
9/1/2015 Jan Anne The Goldfinch Donna Tartt
10/6/2015 Christine Nita An Invisible Thread Laura Schroff
11/10/2015 Liz Kathi The Burgess Boys Elizabeth Strout
12/1/2015 Kathi’s house   Dinner and book exchange  
 1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb     2016  
1/5/2016 Evelyn Christine Little Bee Chris Cleave
2/2/2016 Mary Jeanne Jan This is the Story of a Happy Marriage Anne Patchett
3/1/2016 Nita Mary Jeanne The Invention of Wings Sue Monk Kidd
4/5/2016 Anne Liz Euphoria Lily King
5/3/2016 Kathi Evelyn A Man called Ove Fredrik Backman
6/14/2016 Maribel Anne A Tale for the Time Being Ruth Ozeki
JUL and AUG OFF      
9/6/2016 Jan Anne The Road to Character David Brooks
10/4/2016 Maribel Nita Running the Books Avi Steinberg
11/1/2016 Christine Liz My grandmother told me to tell you ….. Fredrik Backman
12/6/2016 Liz   Dinner and Book Exchange  
 1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb     2017  
1/3/2017 Kathi Jan The Soul of an Octopus Sy Montgomery
2/7/2017 Anne Kathi The Mighty Currawong Brian Doyle
3/7/2017 Nita Liz Between the World and Me Ta-Nesihi Coates
4/4/2017 Jan Anne The Tiger’s Wife Tea Obrecht
5/2/2017 Liz Christine The Zoo Keeper’s Wife Diane Ackerman
6/6/2017 Jan   Open Discussion for summer reading  
JUL and AUG OFF      
9/5/2017 Lynn Lynn The Turner House Angela Flournoy
10/3/2017 Kathi Carla Krakatoa Simon Winchester
11/7/2017 Anne Liz The Underground Railroad Colson Whitehead
12/5/2017 Kathi   Potluck Dinner and Book Exchange  
 1228417211294700154CoD_fsfe_Books_icon.svg.thumb     2018  
1/9/2018 Carla Christine It never ends Butler and Gefen
2/6/2018 Liz Lynn The Sympathizer Viet Thanh Nguyen
3/6/2018 Aleks Carla Sweet Girl Travis Mulhauser
4/3/2018 Christine Aleks The Sense of an Ending Julian Barnes
5/1/2018 Jan Mary Jeanne HomeGoing Yaa Gyasi
6/5/2018 Lynn Jan The Sound of Things Falling Juan Gabriel Vasquez
JUL and AUG OFF      
9/4/2018 Liz Aleks The Makioka Sisters Jun’ichirō Tanizaki
10/2/2018 Aleks Ruth The Corpse Washer Sinan Antoon
11/6/2018 Lynn Ruth The Leaving Year Pam McGaffin
12/4/2018 Kathi   Potluck Dinner and Book Exchange  
1/8/2019  Carla  Karen  Silk Alessandro Baricco
2/5/2019  Anita  Liz The Adventures of John Carson in Several Quarters of the World Brian Doyle



3/5/2019 Ruth   aleks  The Guest Cat  Takashi Haraide
4/2/2019  Jan  Christine In Full Flight; one woman’s quest for atonement in Africa John Heminway